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So, you want to be the best on social media, huh? Well you don’t become the best without following the rules, do you now?

Created our good friend Jeremy Waite (Head of Digital Strategy, EMEA at Salesforce Marketing Cloud and a former speaker at both #smlondon and #smlondon LIVE!), these 80 rules of social media will help you to create the best social media strategy you can. They cover all the major networks and really go in depth.

What are your favourite rules? Let us know in the comments or via #smlondon on Twitter!

UPDATE! Jeremy has given us a more up-to-date version of his rules:

Take whichever you prefer.


  1. The first rule is the most important of them all: obey the rules.
  2. Social media is all about the audience.
  3. Follow from the middle of the pack.
  4. One active user is a BIG deal – make the most of them.
  5. If you spoke to most people the way that social advertising does, they’d punch you in the face.

Here are some of our other favourites:

  • #8 The only business that matters is P2P, not B2C or B2B.
  • #12 Either update your page or delete it. Don’t leave it to die.
  • #38 – Twitter is not a social network. People pretend it is one but it’s more a informative/news network.
  • #47Community managers are the real un-sung heroes of social media.
  • #54 – Engagement is not a dog. You can’t own it and so you don’t have the control of your brand – your fans do.

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Laurence Hebberd

Senior Account Manager at Link Humans
Laurence Hebberd is Head Honcho of #smlondon and King of Content for Link Humans. You can follow him @LaurenceHebberd.

Laurence Hebberd

Laurence Hebberd is Head Honcho of #smlondon and King of Content for Link Humans. You can follow him @LaurenceHebberd.


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  8. Re 38: A social network is made up of relationships between people, so “Twitter is not a social network” is a bit of an odd statement. Perhaps you meant to say “Twitter is not a social networking site/service”. That is a little debatable- Twitter started out as a microblogging platform, and since evolved into a sort of real-time public information/news utility, yes. But it’s still great for social networking- for making friends, for staying up-to-date with friends, etc.


  9. Completely agree. It’s ok to socialize and connect with people on Twitter. If you or a company are just sending information at me and not responding to questions, people will lose interest in you real quick. That’s why Facebook has lost so much interest. Twitter is a two way conversation. The conversation might be on informative topics, but it’s a two way conversation, nonetheless. Great information and discussion piece. Thank you for the content!

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