7 Tips to Boost E-commerce Sales with Instagram

Instagram is undeniably a vital marketing platform for e-commerce. It’s more-than-half-a-billion active users offer businesses a large pool of potential customers. Instagram is a favored marketing platform because it provides unparalleled engagement – crucial for any marketing campaign.

Like any marketing strategy, however, Instagram marketing has its fair share of challenges. If you plan on utilizing Instagram as a marketing platform to boost your e-commerce sales, the following are some hacks that can help you make the most out of it:

Optimize your Profile

The first thing that you should keep in mind when you decide to use Instagram for your marketing campaign is that you should set up your profile properly. Optimize your profile by reflecting your brand in the username, by using a photo of your logo as your profile photo, and that you include your business’ profile in the bio.

These three things may seem simple but there are businesses that are unable to maximize their Instagram marketing strategy because of not being able to optimize their profile.

Post High-Quality Product Photos

As an e-commerce business, you can best make use of Instagram as a gallery of your products for sale. Make sure that you only post high-quality photos though as the quality of your product photos has an impact on the perceived quality of your business as a whole.

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Being able to take great photos requires practice, so you will need to take your time to get some e-commerce photography skills and Instagram-worthy shots of your products. It will also be great if you can do minor edits where necessary to ensure that your final photo will look its best.

Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags have also found their way to Instagram.  Almost similar to how hashtags work on Twitter, these are used to connect related posts and help users find relevant content depending on their interest. Hashtags don’t only help the owner of the photo but as well as all other Instagram users who may be interested in finding images that fall under a designated hashtag.

To help you maximize on this, consider using around 7 to 10 hashtags per post. These hashtags act as search terms that will increase the chances of users finding your posts.

Your hashtags, however, should be catchy, well-thought off, and related to the post. Some come up with creative hashtags and use them strategically.

Create Instagram Ads

It is a good idea to try and implement paid advertising on the platform. Instagram ads offer you the ability to filter users so that your ads will appear to those whose interests are in line with your products for sale.

There are 4 types of paid ads that you can look into: photo ads, video ads, stories ads, and carousel ads. Investing a bit of money will reward you with the ability to directly reach Instagram users that would most likely fall under your target market. A little investment goes a long way, especially for Instagram advertising.

Run Contests

Gimmicks can also find their way on Instagram. One great marketing gimmick is to run a contest on your Instagram account. Some of the most common games you can consider are the following:

  • Like to win the contest
  • Best comment competition
  • Hashtag-making contest

These contests will help spur activity on your Instagram profile, which, in turn, can help boost website visits, and eventually, sales.

Make Friends with Influencers

Instagram influencers can also help boost your business’ popularity. Leverage on the huge audience that influencers have. Most of their followers are deeply connected to influencers they follow and usually trust them in their decisions. This can really help improve the perception of your products.

Some businesses pay influencers to promote their products while some give product samples. Try which works best for you and your desired Instagram influencer.

Instagram Takeovers

Considered to be one of the newest trends in social media marketing, setting an Instagram takeover is a great way to feature your ads in an unusual way. With the rise in popularity of real-time sharing through Instagram Stories, brands often partner-up with a known and trusted celebrity or influencer and lets them handle their account for a duration of time, usually within a day.

It’s an awesome way to create relevancy among your target audience, as well as raise awareness for your product and brand. Most takeovers are done during events related to a product, but it can also feature a day in the life of your chosen influencer. Just make sure that your brand or product is seamlessly integrated within their Story so that it doesn’t feel tacky and out of place.

Power up Your Instagram Marketing

Doing your marketing campaign on Instagram is challenging. The 7 hacks we’ve shared above can help you make the right direction when it comes to Instagram marketing and how you can leverage on this amazing platform to the fullest. Instagram marketing, when done right, can really boost your e-commerce sales so take it seriously and do it wisely.

Author: Outreach Community Specialist Juliette Anderson is dedicated to educating businesses in e-commerce fulfillment. Equipped with knowledge of managing several e-commerce companies for four years, she knows how important it is for businesses to understand e-commerce logistics and demand.