6 Essential Online Writing Tools to Create Selling Social Media Posts

Are you social media influencer who writes posts on social media for your marketing? How often do you realize you have made a grave mistake on one of your posts only after a reader pointed it out to you?

Situations like these could be pretty embarrassing.

As more and more businesses are depending on social media for reaching out to people, it has become even more important to write error-free posts. With the dominance of the digital age overall businesses, increasing number of people/customers rely on what they see on social media. In times like these, it’s best to make efficient use of the available resources to write the best of content on social media. Mostly because it has become one of the most efficient ways to reach out to a vast number of targeted customers in a short time.

An online post on social media with an error does severe damage to your business because:

  1. It makes your business look unprofessional and unorganized.
  2. It can possibly mislead your customers.
  3. It can lead your customers to pages that you do not want them to direct to.
  4. It makes your customers feel unwanted in your business.
  5. It makes you seem like an unfaithful source of information. This can be a serious hit to your business.

I hope you understand why it’s best to write only error-free content on social media and successfully tackle a major social media marketing challenge. Are these reasons freaking you out now? Don’t worry, there are some really great social media tools to help you write error-free posts. These tools will help you in proofreading, writing and editing your posts on social media. And gradually you will learn to write fine posts for your business that are error free and loved by your customers.


There have been times when I am outside collecting intel’s for my content and some wonderful idea strikes me. I desperately want to come back to my system and jot it all down before it leaves my super packed mind. This is a common case with most writers. Ulysses has helped me a great deal in working with this issue. It allows you to start writing even in the unlikeliest of places. You can download into any device or just your phone so that you can start absolutely anywhere without missing those details. The best part though is, you can change your format later as per your likeness. You can ideally export directly to WordPress too if that’s your thing!

After The Deadline

Proofreading is something that dreads most of the busy people. Mostly because it is long and tedious and doesn’t even guarantee a full-proof copy. This tool will help you, all you have to do is copy paste your text into the box. And gradually it gives you feedback with underlined errors and ways to work on them. All you have to do then is follow suggestions and make corrections and then copy paste into the platform you want to publish it on.

1 Checker

Have you ever wished to have a spell checker through the browser itself? A lot of us do, mostly because we don’t want to copy and paste parts of our content back and forth. This tool is an excellent and one of a kind grammar checker that can be downloaded into any program you use. This can be used in Word, Outlook and also on the browser if you are someone who writes directly on social media sites. You will be awed by how easier your life will be with this.


The major concern that bites us all while posting on social media is undoubtedly, the word count. At least, it is for most writers that I know of. Even though we have been in the business for long, it can be an issue during stressful hours to put all the information within the word limit. You don’t want your post to look too pushy or weird either. This tool splits your post in impressive bite-sized chunks that you could post consecutively.

ByWord 2

We writers do not always necessarily work from one system, do we? Courtesy hot-desking and high work demand at odd hours of the day, we work from home too. In situations like these, USB cords and cloud services become an added botheration. Trust me, this tool will be of help. It provides a clean interface that you could write on every time you want and it will back it all up online. The problems of scrabbling or lost file tension will be a matter of the past from here on.

Slick Write

AS writers or business owners we all have unique strategies that we follow. Some of us write what makes sense to our gut while some others depend on data while writing a post. If you are someone who loves to work with data and the right statistics, you will fall in love with this tool. This tool acts like a strict teacher and helps improve your writing as you progress in writing a post. It gives you feedback simultaneously about your grammar and spellings. Not just that, it will guide you in improving on those mistakes. This also has a statistics page that tells you how often you have used a phrase or a word. It also has a lot of other statistics that will help you write better and polished content on social media.

There are many other tools on the market similar to the 6 mentioned above. They can all help you in making your social media content seem stronger. You will be able to understand your strong and weak areas as a writer and gradually become flawless.

Well, technically speaking, there should always be some scope left for improvement though! Tell us in the comments section, which tool helped you the most.

Author: As an academic researcher & private tutor, Bella Williams guides the new age professionals and students with their career. A graduate from Monash University, Bella organizes free coaching workshops and promotes free sharing of knowledge.