Why Travel Brands Must Adopt Live Video & VR in 2017

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travelling to venice

Video is a powerful marketing tool used by travel and tourism brands in order to present the experiences they offer as well taking their audiences to the destinations (virtually). If you’re a travel brand and you’ve not yet invested in these new technologies, do so, now, because nobody will remember the brand that isn’t first.…

A Crash Course in Instagram Advertising #smlondon

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gram ads

Whether you’re an experienced Facebook advertiser looking to branch out onto a new platform or you’re new to social media advertising entirely, advertising on Instagram offers another way to reach your target audience on one of their most-loved and most-used platforms. Step #1: Define your objective and choose a campaign type When creating an Instagram…

8 Things Marketers Must STOP Doing in 2017

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just stop it marketers

Creating a strong and effective online presence can take a lot of work, focused effort and the right strategy. There’s so much information, and even more misinformation, available online that many are turning to, only to discover after putting countless hours of time and work that the techniques they’re using are ineffective, out-dated or just…

Top 10 Most Popular #smlondon Posts of 2016

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the best of the best

This year I’m humbled to have been asked by Jörgen Sundberg to produce Social Media London’s ‘top 10 posts of 2016’ post. I’ve been an author for Social Media London since 2015, and the past couple of years have seen a lot of change not only with user behaviour, but with the social networks themselves…

Does Facebook Need to Fear Google in 2017? #smlondon

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Dan Taylor

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction, 2017 will be the year Google that Google mounts a real challenge to Facebook’s dominance, as they buy Twitter. There I said it, in 2017 Google will buy Twitter. There was a lot of talk in and around September/October 2016 about Google…

Why Do People Love Animals on Social Media? #smlondon

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Back in the day, anyone who heard the word “viral” would immediately think of microscopic contagions that make people sick and spread disease. These days, it’s quite a different story. Now when you hear about something going viral, you can pretty much bet that it’s in reference to a piece of online media that’s been…