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How to Build a Strong Company Website #smlondon

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Websites have been around as long as emails, and have been declared dead as many times. But they still hang in there and any company does need to have one. How do you design and build an effective website for your organisation? I’ve had a chat with Keren Lerner of design agency Top Left Design to get…

Why Employee Advocacy is Important For Your Business #smlondon

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How do you tap into the power of an engaged workforce on social media? To find out, I’ve had a chat with Ed Terpening of Altimeter Group who has done extensive research in the employee advocacy space. Listen to the podcast interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary of our chat. What results do brands expect…

How Employees Can Steer Your Marketing Machine #smlondon

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How does employee advocacy actually work and what are the do’s and don’ts? I speak to Glenn Gaudet, Founder and President of GaggleAMP to find out all about it. Listen to the interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary of our conversation. This week’s tip of the week is Visually and there’s still…

How to Ensure Social Success in the Insurance Industry #smlondon

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Did you ever wonder how the heavily regulated and traditional insurance industry can make use of social media? I speak to Keith Lewis of Zurich Insurance in the UK to learn how they are using LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to tell stories to their target audiences of consumers, brokers and employees. Listen to the interview on…

How to Use LinkedIn in Your Social Selling Strategy #smlondon

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How do you implement social selling in a B2B organisation? What social networks should you use? How can you visualise your product offering? To get some answers, I spoke to Mike Davies, UK Head of Business Development at Santander UK Corporate & Commercial. Have a listen to the interview on iTunes, Soundcloud or keep reading for a summary…

How to Bluff Your Way Through Social Media #smlondon

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Why is social media really nothing new? Why is Twitter king and LinkedIn boring? How do you deal with trolls on social media? What’s vaguebooking? To get some answers, I speak to Susie Boniface, journalist and author of “The Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media“. Have a listen to the interview on iTunes,Soundcloud or keep reading for…