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A Crash Course in Instagram Advertising #smlondon

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Whether you’re an experienced Facebook advertiser looking to branch out onto a new platform or you’re new to social media advertising entirely, advertising on Instagram offers another way to reach your target audience on one of their most-loved and most-used platforms. Step #1: Define your objective and choose a campaign type When creating an Instagram…

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories: What Marketers Need to Know #smlondon

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Instagram have recently rolled out their new feature – Instagram Stories – as part of their latest update. This new feature allows users to share multiple photos and videos together, as a story. Sound familiar? It should do. For those that are not familiar with Snapchat, it is a mobile messaging application used to share video, photos, text,…

How Your Brand Can (and Should) Maximise Instagram #smlondon

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In this modern era, almost all social media platforms are commercialized. Entrepreneurs and businessmen try to present their services in the best light and outperform the competitors. The popularity of Instagram is constantly growing along with users’ engagement in interaction with each other and the brands. After reading this article, you will no longer doubt…

Meow! Why Animals are Owning Instagram #smlondon

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There’s no doubt about it, animals are king of the internet. Whether it’s a vintage classic on ‘I can haz cheezeburger‘ or a more tech-literate Instagram dog – they’ve captured our hearts and our attention, making them a marketers dream. So why do animals on the internet resonate with such a large audience? Marketo have…

A Guide to Acing Instagram Advertising #smlondon

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Since making advertising available to businesses around all the globe this year, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing advertising platforms on the market. As more and more companies are scoping out the social network for their marketing needs, Instagram have been working on introducing new formats, features and amended restrictions. Marketing on Instagram doesn’t…