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Does Facebook Need to Fear Google in 2017? #smlondon

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Dan Taylor

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction, 2017 will be the year Google that Google mounts a real challenge to Facebook’s dominance, as they buy Twitter. There I said it, in 2017 Google will buy Twitter. There was a lot of talk in and around September/October 2016 about Google…

Why WhatsApp Sharing Your Number With Facebook is Good News #smlondon

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It was announced yesterday that WhatsApp, who were bought by Facebook in 2014, are changing their terms to allow the sharing of some of your data to the social networking giant. WhatsApp announces big changes tethered to Facebook "coordination" https://t.co/FdnkcqxHLX — Mashable (@mashable) August 25, 2016 Facebook has long been over delivering on their ad platform…

Facebook Advertising Works: Here’s How to Do It Well #smlondon

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Facebook’s organic reach died it’s death a few years ago, it’s true. This is bad news for brands, but good news for Facebook – brands now have to pay the social giant for a chance at being shown on the timeline – a truly clever move by Mr. Zuck. Advertising: The different options for Facebook…

3 Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Facebook Brand #smlondon

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With my day job, I know first hand that algorithms can be a royal pain in the…and Facebook is no different. Over the past couple of years, Facebook have been tweaking their News Feed algorithm to accommodate changes in user behaviour, as well as to try and punish brands from using click bait headlines and…

13 Tips for a Successful Facebook Brand Page #smlondon

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Facebook – it’s the biggest social network out there, and if you don’t get your presence right, you’ll be in trouble. With 75% of brands on Facebook using advertise to reach a wider audience, it’s more and more difficult to cut through the noise. Quill have outlined, in the infographic below, 13 useful tips for…

7 Hidden Facebook Features You Should Know About #smlondon

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With Facebook’s features in constant flux, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the functionalities that founder Mark Zuckerberg and his talented staffers have given us. Perhaps you’re wondering what new installments you’ve missed out on in Facebook’s more recent history? Below are a few features that might just become your new…