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Kyle is a marketing professional who has worked all over China and Europe and is now based in Vancouver, Canada. You can follow him @kylekrawchuk.

A Crash Course in Instagram Advertising #smlondon

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Whether you’re an experienced Facebook advertiser looking to branch out onto a new platform or you’re new to social media advertising entirely, advertising on Instagram offers another way to reach your target audience on one of their most-loved and most-used platforms. Step #1: Define your objective and choose a campaign type When creating an Instagram…

6 Brands That Have Created Donald Trump Inspired Ad Campaigns #smlondon

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While most of the world still comes to grips with Donald Trump’s surprising election win on November 8th, a few savvy brands are taking advantage of the U.S. election to craft creative ads that play off of the more controversial elements of Trump’s campaign. As a general rule, brands are discouraged from getting mixed up…

Influencer Marketing for Beginners #smlondon

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Of all the ways that the internet has changed society, one the most paradigm-shifting developments has been the creation of the blog. Now, individuals can share their thoughts, opinions and ideas with the entire world in just a few clicks. Obviously, not all of these bloggers will capture worldwide attention, but some of them will prove…

Why Your Brand Should Consider Live Tweeting Popular Events #smlondon

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Along with live streaming, live tweeting forms the other half of the “live” activities that are currently taking the social media world by storm. Live tweeting refers to when a Twitter user watches or participates in an event while simultaneously tweeting about it. Live tweeting can be divided into two categories: “on-site” and “on-couch”. On-site…

What Is WeChat and What Do I Need to Know About It? #smlondon

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With 650 million active monthly users worldwide, including 68.6 per cent of all Chinese internet users, WeChat (founded by Tencent) is the most actively used social media network in China, but what do you need to know about it? 1) It’s China’s largest social media network: The full extent of WeChat’s domination only becomes apparent…