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10 Digital Trends SMBs Need to Focus On #smlondon

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Everyone in business goes through the same process – they see all the latest articles about the latest digital trends and they are told it will help transform their business. It’s about time we took a step back to review if all the latest trends will really help your business. What does the SMB owner whose…

Why Simple is Most Effective on Social Media #smlondon

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Pippa was a recent guest on the #smlondon tweetchat – check out the rest of the guests, subjects and more here. So ‘social media’ isn’t it all about optimisation, promotions, data analysis, strategy, ROI, algorithms, content curation, conversion rates, audience sentiment, CTR, metrics, followers, geo-location, tagging, filters, hashtags; influencers, scheduling, reach – organic and paid, trending topics, monitoring, marketing and…

Can Some Brands Finally Put Two Fingers Up at SEO? #smlondon

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This may sound a little strange coming from a guy with an SEO division in a pretty big marketing group, but go with me on this. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still very much a place for SEO, but for some direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, I believe it has lost ranking on the marketing podium. On WhatsApp t’other day,…

How to Refresh Your Content Marketing Strategy in 4 Steps #smlondon

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The benefits of content marketing for your business are obvious: you get referral traffic; search engines show your website at top positions; the rate of organic traffic increases, conversion rises, brand reputation becomes obvious, and the sales rise. However, only 36% of entrepreneurs get all these benefits – the other 64% are somewhere in the…