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Kayleigh’s Love Story: The Future of Police Marketing?

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leicestershire police

When it comes to marketing it can be easy to get stuck in a loop of creating regurgitated, uninspiring content and not breaking the mould due to fears of failure or negative repercussions. Kayleigh’s Love Story is the perfect example of when pushing the boundaries of content marketing can really succeed and make a significant…

8 Things Marketers Must STOP Doing in 2017

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just stop it marketers

Creating a strong and effective online presence can take a lot of work, focused effort and the right strategy. There’s so much information, and even more misinformation, available online that many are turning to, only to discover after putting countless hours of time and work that the techniques they’re using are ineffective, out-dated or just…

5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Followers #smlondon

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You’ve been watching your numbers grow, and your excitement has been building as you feel like you’re really gaining some momentum in your social media endeavors. Then one day, you’ve lost 20% of your followers – almost overnight! You wonder what you did wrong, and how this happened. Then you begin to panic and wonder…

3 Social Selling Tactics to Implement into Your Strategy #smlondon

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Over the last decade, social media has cornered an increasingly larger share of the media pie. From a few million people on Hi5 and Friendster, it is now the dominant activity online with 2.3 billion users – roughly 31% of the entire human population. Though social media adoption lagged in the B2B market initially, more…