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5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Followers #smlondon

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You’ve been watching your numbers grow, and your excitement has been building as you feel like you’re really gaining some momentum in your social media endeavors. Then one day, you’ve lost 20% of your followers – almost overnight! You wonder what you did wrong, and how this happened. Then you begin to panic and wonder…

3 Social Selling Tactics to Implement into Your Strategy #smlondon

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Over the last decade, social media has cornered an increasingly larger share of the media pie. From a few million people on Hi5 and Friendster, it is now the dominant activity online with 2.3 billion users – roughly 31% of the entire human population. Though social media adoption lagged in the B2B market initially, more…

10 Digital Trends SMBs Need to Focus On #smlondon

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Everyone in business goes through the same process – they see all the latest articles about the latest digital trends and they are told it will help transform their business. It’s about time we took a step back to review if all the latest trends will really help your business. What does the SMB owner whose…