10 Surprising Social Media Stats About London [VIDEO] #smlondon

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Here at Social Media London, we love stats. And we love London. So one Friday afternoon, while celebrating the weekend early cider in hands, we came up with this idea of finding social media stats related to the city we love. Seeing that no recent other similar studies had been carried out, we jumped on Socialbakers and other sources to find data that could help us finding some useful jewels.

After a lengthy research, we’ve found out 10 social media stats on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Google Plus. We then asked Jake’s videomaker talent and Isobel’s voice to come in the game and… Bingo!


  • London is the Most Checked-in city in the world
  • One Direction, Emma Watson and BBC Breaking are the 3 most popular London Twitter accounts
  • Social media addiction is recognised as a medical condition in the UK
  • LinkedIn gets more visits from London than anywhere else in the world.
  • Close to 50,000 London-hashtagged photos are shared everyday on Instagram.

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Alex Bourgeois

Alex Bourgeois

Alex is a blogger. You can follow him @wakanouka.
Alex Bourgeois

Alex Bourgeois

Alex is a blogger. You can follow him @wakanouka.

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