How to Build a Strong Visual Voice on Social Media #smlondon

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A picture’s worth a thousand words….or so they say. When using social media, you want to capture the attention of those reading your content – so make sure you take advantage of the visual element as it has been found to attract the highest amount of engagement of all kinds of social media updates. What?…

SOCIAL SMACKDOWN: Hovis vs. Warburtons #smlondon

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Welcome back to another SOCIAL SMACKDOOOOOOWN. DING DING DING. This week, we’re bringing you a breadiest battle you’ve ever seen (yes, that IS an adjective). We’ve got two of the biggest bread brands fighting it out today for the title of… BEST ON TWITTER! Who’s content has got them rising above the rest…? And which…

Why is Social Media the Best Marketer For Your Event? #smlondon

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When promoting certain events, you want to get the maximum outreach that you can. Often, you are not just targeting a select group of people and you need to be able to target a variety of demographics, in several different locations. This is where social media comes in to save the day. Today, social media allows…

How to Create a 30 Minute Social Selling Routine #smlondon

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Social selling has changed over the years, in particular the buying process due to the increase of search engine usage. We have previously looked at the 5 steps to social selling success which included tips such as getting on LinkedIn to showcase ‘everything about you’, marketing automation and listening. Now, after understanding 5 steps to get there,…