How to Optimise Your Twitter Advertising Campaigns #smlondon

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How do you advertise on Twitter with the best results? I recently had a chat with Linda Bolg, Head of Marketing at SocialBro, an end-to-end marketing campaign management solution for Twitter. Have a listen to the audio podcast on iTunes, Stitcher & Soundcloud (above) or keep reading for a summary of our conversation. Questions by me, answers by Linda. Why should we…

How Can Social Media Help Your Business? [INFOGRAPHIC] #smlondon

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Social media can be an extremely valuable tool for B2B organisations, whether it’s used to help to sell products directly, to expand your reach and audience, or as part of your lead generation process. For best results, it’s important to create an informed plan for your social media use, that can be integrated into your existing marketing…

How Lord & Taylor Took Over Instagram #smlondon

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As we all know, Instagram has taken off over the past couple of years and is particularly popular amongst the foodies, gym fanatics and the fashionistas. We drool over amazing recipes and beautiful outfits, making us want to go and buy clothes or at least, change up our styles to look like the lavish people on…

What We Can Learn from Protein World’s Social Media Engagement #smlondon

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UPDATE: Since yesterday’s publication, and massive thanks to Jack (@Jack_Ashman), we’ve had responses from both Head of Global Marketing and the CEO of Protein World. Richard Staveley (@stavers002), Head of Global Marketing was very accepting of the points outlined below and explained that changes were being made: @Jack_Ashman We have reviewed and dealt with this internally and…

How Does Facebook Moderate Content? [INFOGRAPHIC] #smlondon

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Every day, a team of moderators are sifting through the content posted on Facebook and deleting anything that shouldn’t be seen by a wider audience. These don’t include the viral videos, or Candy Crush or click-bait headlines, but the content that is much darker. How do they do it? Who does it? has the…