Why LinkedIn Is Becoming Facebook #smlondon

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I can remember creating my LinkedIn profile while I was at University, hoping that it would help me, come graduation, attract the attention of recruiters and potential employers. For the past few years I’ve grown to accept the InMails from recruiters offering me “great roles at growing and leading companies”  and the web developers/link builders…

How Social Media Can Help Sell Your Product #smlondon

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When it comes to reeling in new consumers through marketing strategies, one of the best types of platforms you can start with is social media. With the number of people logged in at any given time, that’s a lot of potential eyes on your marketing outlets. But unfortunately, many other advertisers realize this too, making…

Pokémon GO: How Marketers Can Optimise It #smlondon

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With more downloads than Tinder and as Pokemon Go is set to surpass Twitter’s daily users, it’s clear to see that augmented reality is the future. The game is quickly becoming the big thing of 2016. So it’s no great surprise that businesses are already looking for ways to get involved and monetise the potential marketing…

How Social Branding Boosts Consumer Engagement #smlondon

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Social branding is only for established companies, right? The ones that already have a sizeable following and the know-how to create memorable activation campaigns. Whilst it’s true that bigger businesses command larger audiences, there’s no reason why your London startup can’t, at least, emulate some of this success. A business is only as good as…

4 Work Life Balance Tips for Digital Marketers #smlondon

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Ruby was a recent guest on the #smlondon tweetchat – check out the rest of the guests, subjects and more here. If you’re a digital marketer, you’ll understand the struggle that is leaving your work, at work. New technology has meant the world is at our fingers tips. But it also means work, emails and social…

How to Build a Strong Company Website #smlondon

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Websites have been around as long as emails, and have been declared dead as many times. But they still hang in there and any company does need to have one. How do you design and build an effective website for your organisation? I’ve had a chat with Keren Lerner of design agency Top Left Design to get…