How To Do Social Media Marketing in 3 Simple Days [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When starting out, it can often be a bit of a challenge to create a social media marketing plan for your brand. Deciding the right time to post, the correct amount of posts and who to follow are just a few of the challenges that you may come across. Businesses often feel that spending time working…

Ultimate Image Size Guide for Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] #smlondon

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The visual representation of a brand is important across all social media sites. This is why it is important to consider image size, dimensions and placement on your pages.  With the new year of 2015 already underway, it is important to keep up to date with changes for image formatting on social media. On Twitter, your header…

Notts County FC Bans Hungary From Facebook Page #NoBajnerNoParty #smlondon

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Hungary has been completely banned from the Notts County Football Club Facebook page. The ban comes after Hungarians took over the page, reacting to the club’s new Hungarian signing Bálint Bajner. Hungarians have previously stormed onto Facebook to support Bajner, raiding his former club Ipswich Town’s Facebook page. The online mob replied to every update with…

What Was the Fastest Growing Social Network of 2014? #smlondon

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Which social network was the fastest growing of 2014? Pinterest! Using global data (outside of China) the GlobalWebIndex found that Pinterest had the fastest growth in active users and members, especially in the second half of the year, beating both Tumblr and Instagram. Pinterest saw a 97% growth in active users throughout 2014. #smlondon Click To Tweet Facebook…

Stop Tweeting Instagram Photos, Says Twitter #smlondon

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twitter says use native images

Remember the good old days when Instagram was just another up-and-coming app? You could take your photos on the go with Instagram, share it straight into Twitter and it looked perfect in the feed. Instagram kept riding the visual wave and growing exponentially – inevitably attracting interest from Mark Zuckerberg who paid $1 Billion to snap up the…

LinkedIn is King of Content Marketing in the UK #smlondon

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Do you use LinkedIn for content marketing? Maybe you should. A new study from the Content Marketing Institute and the Direct Marketing Association UK have served up some interesting results: 96% of marketers now use LinkedIn for their content strategy, as opposed to 85% in 2013. 89% of marketers use Twitter to push their content, which was the…