How to Crack Employer Branding on Social Media #smlondon

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How do employers know what social media updates they should be doing? How can they know what their audience thinks of these updates? What are the best-in-class employer brands doing on social? To get some answers, I’ve spoken to everyone’s favourite Canadian in Sydney; David Brudenell, Chief Digital Officer of Universum. Listen to the interview on iTunes,…

How Marketers Can Benefit from User Generated Content #smlondon

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Did you know you can take your marketing efforts one step further with user generated content? Posting user generated content on your social channels is not only a great branding tool, but it’s also shows potential customers or clients that your product is not only marketed well but also genuinely loved by real people. Offerpop have…

12 Commandments of Content Creation #smlondon

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Content creation is a must for every business using social media – if you want to attract inbound links and, more importantly, leads, you need to be creating interesting and exciting content. The 12 commandments below, outlined in the infographic by Placester, give you 12 steps to follow to ensure your content is on point.…

3 Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Facebook Brand #smlondon

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With my day job, I know first hand that algorithms can be a royal pain in the…and Facebook is no different. Over the past couple of years, Facebook have been tweaking their News Feed algorithm to accommodate changes in user behaviour, as well as to try and punish brands from using click bait headlines and…

How to Tell Your Story with Content Marketing #smlondon

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Isn’t there enough content out there already? How can business owners find time for social? How can we ensure we keep it human online? I speak to Chris Marr of the Content Marketing Academy to get all the answers. Listen to the interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary of our conversation. And be sure…

Why We’ll All Be Talking in Emoji in 10 Years Time #smlondon

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Have you ever heard anyone use internet abbreviations in passing conversation? Such as:”That day was so funny, LOL!”. Or “Just nipping to the shop, BRB!”. However much I hate these abbreviations being used in real life conversation, I have to admit that I notice myself accidentally saying ‘LOL’ quite often. Sue me. Now that saying LOL and LMAO in…