How Brands Should Respond on Twitter #smlondon

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In the age of social, Twitter is the number one place for customers to go to complain or ask questions about a brand. As a brand, you should know that the information tweeted is in the public eye, so responses have to be swift and fair. Using positive emojis in tweets increases engagement by 67%! #smlondon Click To Tweet…

Instagram Launch Clickable Adverts #smlondon

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Instagram are now allowing users to engage with clickable adverts, moving away from simple image browsing. Users can now click on a link that will open in another window, allowing businesses to actually have an impact, rather than users just scrolling past their images with no actual outcome. However, this will not be a one image…

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter Video [VIDEO] #smlondon

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With around ten million video platforms available in 2015, just why do you need to be using Twitter Video? Well, why wouldn’t you allow yourself from creatively engaging with your audience, utilising all methods to create the very best Twitter account. To stand out on this network, it’s vital to consider all means of making your updates stand…

SOCIAL SMACKDOWN: Tesco vs. Asda #smlondon

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Welcome back to another SOCIAL SMACKDOWN! Today we’re putting up a supermarket scuffle and pitching two of Britain’s most loved shops against each other.  So forget Dale Winton’s Supermarket Sweep, #smlondon are here to satisfy your adrenaline-fuelled supermarket needs… Both Tesco and Asda have a number of Twitter accounts, but for the purpose of this Social Smackdown I’m going to be…

What are the Changing Trends on the World Map of Social Media? #smlondon

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december 2014

From July 2014 to December 2014, it has been recorded that trends on the World Map of Social Networks are changing. In only 5 months, there were significant changes in certain countries in terms of popular social networking sites. Vinco’s Blog has provided world maps of social networks since 2009 using Alexa data and other tools and when…