7 Hidden Facebook Features You Should Know About #smlondon

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With Facebook’s features in constant flux, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the functionalities that founder Mark Zuckerberg and his talented staffers have given us. Perhaps you’re wondering what new installments you’ve missed out on in Facebook’s more recent history? Below are a few features that might just become your new…

How to Share Content that Makes an Impact #smlondon

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Content. It’s what makes us laugh, it’s what makes us cry, it’s what makes us inspired, or keeps us entertained. However, what content works well, and why do people share it? Hyperfine Media have created an infographic guide to sharing content – see all the stats below! Facebook: Why do users follow brands on Facebook?…

What are the Top Creative Trends of 2016? #smlondon

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As digital marketing becomes ever more visual, how can we make sure we stay ahead of the trend? One way is to analyse the data on creative trends taking off around the world. To tap into this data, I’ve had a chat with Jordan Roland of Shutterstock. You can listen to the interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading…

9 Ways Facebook Can Be a Relationship Killer #smlondon

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Have you ever had an argument with your loved one due to social media? Have they Facebook’d someone you hate, or liked a tweet from someone they shouldn’t? Stop Procrastinating surveyed 5000 people to find out how Facebook affects their relationships – and the results are worthy of a poke. 1) Jealousy: 17% of the people…

8 Content Cocktails to Shake Up Your Marketing #smlondon

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Much like cocktail making, content marketing is half science/half art – it’s all about balance. I mean, you can’t have a Bloody Mary without the vodka – nor can you create a social video without an explicitly clear message. So before you get confused by all the vodka, videos and tomato juice – let’s delve in a…

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Messenger Bots #smlondon

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At this year’s F8 conference, Facebook unveiled a new vision for their Messenger app. The official F8 Messenger video explains it in more detail: Messenger currently has around 900-million MAU (Monthly Active Users) from all corners of the globe, using the app to communicate to their friends, and around 50-million businesses active on Messenger. This makes it…